The Alumni News --  October 2009

                                           Golf Tournament

A big thank you to all the volunteers, sponsors and participants who made the tournament another success. Nearly $5000 was raised for our scholarship fund. Congratulations to you all. Special thanks to Mike Dion and his golf committee. 
This year's winners are:

Division A 

Earl Goodwin 
  Ron Gagnon    Leon Paquin     Fred Fasulo

     Division B 
      Bill Beaudoin    Prudie Duross     Neil Higgins    John Duross

      Division C  
      George Worthley    Rick Labelle
   Ron Laverriere     Dave Presby

     Nearest to the pin winners and skins winners are posted on the web site with pictures of the
     day's events. Please check it out.   


2009-Scholarships Awarded

St. Louis Alumni Association
Lauren Vachon, Topsham High School
Brooke LeFebevre, Biddeford High School
Joseph Begin, Thornton Academy

Brother Richard Hebert Memorial
Taylor Roberge, Biddeford High School

St. Louis Golf
Christopher Petrin, Biddeford High School

Dennis Camire Memorial
Zach Nolette, Thornton Academy

Sid Villandry Memorial
Nathan Cadorette, Biddeford High School

Marcel Faucher Memorial
Justin Gagne, Biddeford High School

Our tradition of awarding scholarships to local youth is one of our proudest. 
We are approaching the 40th anniversary of the graduation of the final St. Louis
Class. If we are to maintain our proud
"dedication to youth" , we need to keep 
a strong and youthful Alumni Association. this means we need new members.
We ask that all graduates and members encourage their sons and
grandsons to sign on with the St. Louis Alumni Association. Application for
membership is posted on the website ( ) or are available at the Hall..


2010 - Our 70th Anniversary

We're looking for ideas to celebrate the 70th anniversary of our association. We want to
know what the members want to see -- a dinner?
barbecue? anniversary mass? a field day? 
Let us know of your ideas.
Also were looking for any memorabilia you could loan us -
sports gear, articles, photos, etc.


Ministry of Wakes

Due to age and poor health of some of the members in the Ministry of Wakes, we are asking 
others to step up to fill this important need. In case you don't know,
the Ministry of Wakes is
a group of members who
attend wakes of deceased members. It is a very comforting presence 
to their families. Please consider

Bulletin Board

Monday Nights
   BEANO 6:30 PM
Our summer volunteers are heading south. We need some winter volunteers.   

Thanksgiving Party November 27  6:00 PM

Christmas Party December 18   6:00 PM  

St. Louis Alumni Website: 

Alumni Hall e-mail address: 

Looking for e-mail addresses

In our last newsletter we asked for an e-mail distribution list volunteer.
Roger Gobeil stepped up and has done a great job along with our webmaster, Bob Anastasoff.

Since then, we've gotten over 200 email addresses eliminating the costs associated with printing
and mailing that many newsletters. If you could
receive a newsletter via e-mail please e-mail the 
hall or Roger at  or Bob at 
All the news and information, including all the meeting minutes can be found on our website.


                                                     IN MEMORIUM

Richard J. Binette 54*         August 17, 1936          April 14, 2009
Benoit A. Palardy 67*         
August 23, 1948          April 15, 2009
Robert G. Guerin 37*          
November 18, 1919    April 28, 2009
Raymond N. Boucher          
August 24, 1934         May 12, 2009
Joseph A. R. Souliere 44* 
June 27, 1927              May 28, 2009 
Wilfred R. Lajoie 52*    
September 3, 1932      June 12, 2009
Ralph W. Loignon 55*        
August 17, 1937          June 17, 2009
Robert A. Pineau 55*         
August 2, 1937            July, 2009
Roland G. Petrin 47*          
February 9, 1929         July 15, 2009
Roland R. Corbeil 56*        
April 26, 1938             July 17, 2009
Bernard A. Lauzon 50*      
March 24, 1931           July 17, 2009
Fernand H. Genest 48*     
April 10, 1929              August 19, 2009
Norman J. Richard Jr.       
January 7, 1926            August 19, 2009
Arthur L. Girard Jr. 39*      
September 15, 1921     August 22, 2009
Louis Bouchard                 
October 10, 1918         August 23, 2009
Paul J. Agnew 51               
January 19, 1932          August 30, 2009
Normand J. Goulet 55*      
February 18, 1937        September 12-2009


* A Life Member who belonged and paid his annual dues to the Association for 25 years.

A complete In Memoriam by class will soon be posted
on our website.
Please contact us if we missed someon